Wide Belt Specifications
        WH WT10
Pitch (Imperial and metric)       .500" 10mm
Ultimate Tensile Strength per Inch or 25mm Belt Width Kevlar lbf/in 800 800
N/25mm 3557 3557
Max. Allowable Belt Tension per Inch or 25mm Belt Width Kevlar Welded lbf/in 71 71
N/25mm 315 315
Allowable Effective Tension for the Belt Teeth (15 and More Teeth in Mesh)   lbf/in 330 281
N/25mm 1470 1250
Specific Belt Weight Kevlar lbf/ft/in 0.056 0.066
kgf/m/cm 0.033 0.039
Specific Belt Stiffness (Open Ended) Kevlar lbf/in 23983 23983
N/mm 4200 4200
Min. No. of Pulley Teeth       14 16
Min. Pitch Diameter (Inch or mm)       2.23" 51mm
Min. Diameter of Tensioning Idler Running on Back of Belt     inch 3.12 3.12
    mm 80 80
Available in FDA Compliant Construction (85 shore A Urethane) Yes Yes
Standard Color       Natural Natural
Min. Welded Belt Length       33" 850 mm
Standard Roll Length       200 ft 60 m
Standard Slitting Lanes       N/A N/A
Min. Width Available       6" 150 mm
Max. Width Available       18" 450 mm
Width Tolerance       +/- .060" +/-1.0 mm
Service Temperature Range 5 C to 70 C (23 F to 158 F)
Hardness, Shore A 92 Shore A - Standard PU, 85 Shore A - FDA Compliant PU
Coefficient of Friction Urethane vs. Steel (dry) 0.5 to 0.7
Urethane vs. Aluminum (dry) 0.5 to 0.6
Urethane vs. UHMWPE (dry) 0.2 to 0.4
Nylon vs. Steel (dry) 0.2 to 0.4
Nylon vs. UHMWPE (dry) 0.1 to 0.3
The specifications listed are based on Gates Mectrol's experience. However, our specifications and data do NOT cover all possible belt drive conditions. It is the responsibility of the belt drive system designer to ensure Gates Mectrol's belts are appropriate for a given system and application. The provided data is representative of our in-house experience and does not necessarily match product performance in industrial use. Gates Mectrol cannot assume any liability concerning the suitability and process ability of our products. We also cannot assume liability for process results, damages or consequential damages associated with the use of our products. Note, ultimate tensile strengths are listed for references purposes only. Ultimate tensile strength values listed above are a theoretical calculation based on average cord strength and may not represent actual tensile test results.