Employee Corner

Gates Plant ,Pune- 2nd anniversary on 1st Sept.’16

Employee Meet, Gurgaon on 23rd Oct.’16

Great Delhi Half Marathon: Delhi Run (6 km)

Run For Healthier Tomorrow

Gates India, for many years has been Powering Life of employees by participating in various extracurricular activities. Recently Gates employees participated in “Great Delhi Half Marathon” on 23rd Nov. 2014 which is a part of our Global initiative i.e. “Gates Wellness Challenge”. The goal of the Global Wellness Challenge is to have fun and encourage healthy lifestyles among Gates employees. Programs that offer healthy choices and a variety of fitness events not only help reduce health care costs; they also demonstrate our focus on the wellbeing of employees and help us feel good about coming to work.

Even before the fog cover had cleared, participants had put on their running shoes all charged up for the Half Marathon on Sunday morning. A few of them considered it a sporting event, while others jogged for fitness. A few others even walked for the cause raising issues of conserving the environment. Many participants felt the marathon would help inculcate the habit of running and exercise. After completing the Marathon a small get-together was organized where all participants full fill their appetite and shared lighter happier moments.

Gates will continue to participate in such events as we believe that exercise is“The Smart Choice for healthier tomorrow.”

Hall of Fame Awards

  • Mr. Gagandeep Singh receiving the award from Mr. Nitin Kaul

  • Mr. Sapan Shah receiving the award from Mr. Nitin Kaul

  • Mr. Sarvana Prakash being awarded by Mr. Nitin Kaul

  • Mr. Sanjay Mazumdar being awarded the trophy by Mr Nitin Kaul

  • Mr. Dinesh Sharma receving the achiever certificate from Mr. Nitin Kaul

  • Mr. Tapas Banik receiving the achiever certificate from Mr. Nitin Kaul

  • Mr. Prashant Tewar receiving the achiever certificate from Mr. Nitin Kaul

Industrial Sales team visited Heritage resort, Manesar

The Industrial Sales team met at Heritage resort in Manesar to conduct a workshop to facilitate the integration of the different aspects of business. With the new developments it was imperative that all the members of the sales team should discover the expanding product basket as well as have an understanding of the new challenges that lay ahead of them. Members from both Fluid Power & Power Transmission came together on a common platform to learn from the peers and experts and to share their own insights of the market and products they have handled.

In order to highlight the importance of integration and to create a culture for exchange of ideas and learning, the HR team took an initiative and facilitated a training program on the first day of the meet. HR started by breaking the silos and the friendly circles within the functions to create an absolutely new team with randomly selected individuals. Working with a completely different set of individuals allowed the participants to discover their own competencies and strength which they usually may not exhibit in their current teams / environments. The training program then threw various challenges at this newly formed team, resulting in the need for the new team to integrate and work together to achieve the desired results; therefore creating a sense of dependability on each other. The trust exercise also brought about the need to have a clear concise communication so that they understand each other’s expectations while delivering on to team goals.

The workshop also allowed the participants a platform to network with the people and to interact with the subject matter experts who were able to share their insights and challenges that they could face in the market.