CEO's Message

“Gates is an incredible brand supported by terrific people and I’m honored to be joining such an impressive enterprise.”
Dear Colleagues,

It’s not often an opportunity comes along for a business person, such as myself, to lead a company as extraordinary as Gates. Now, after just a couple of weeks on the job, what I’ve seen and experienced so far has me impressed and excited about the future of our company. Gates is an incredible brand supported by terrific people and I’m honored to be joining such an impressive enterprise. On behalf of all of us, I thank Jim Nicol, for his more than 13 years of dedicated leadership as Gates CEO. We grew stronger than ever and are poised for our next chapter.

One of the questions I am most commonly asked since I started is, “what is going to change now that you’re on board?” The fact is Gates is a company operating in a dynamic global economy. There are economic, competitive, and operational influences pushing and pulling on us constantly. In order to continue to succeed, Gates will need to adjust and adapt to these external influences just as we have done over the past 100 years. I’m particularly focused on three specific areas.

First, we need to grow. We will do so as we work together to focus on higher growth end-markets in the global economy. We will need to find more of these markets and capitalize on them, like the opportunities we see in our targeted end-markets and the General Industrial market segment. Our efforts to grow organically will be complemented by our efforts to locate strategic opportunities to acquire other businesses that fill adjacencies in our product lines or broaden our regional presence.

Second, the innovation Gates is known for will fuel our efforts to grow. We will continue to translate our engineering acumen and technological innovation capabilities into real-world product solutions that drive revenue generation and delight our customer base.

Third, I am 100% committed to operational excellence at Gates, not just on the factory floor, but in every area of the company. Our unified focus on making better products at a lower cost is the recipe for success we’ll follow. Operational excellence also includes an unwavering commitment to safety – making sure every Gates employee can come to work and expect to be safe in whatever role they fill.

I’m delighted to be at Gates and working alongside each of you to achieve these goals and take the Gates enterprise to the next level.

Thanks, an let’s have a great month,