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For Immediate Release September 15, 2008

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Facts about Gates expertise in accessory belt drive systems

Today’s engines are becoming ever more complex and accessory belt drive systems are faced with the challenge of having to provide power to a growing number of accessories. Power hungry alternators, air conditioning compressors, power steering and water pumps all need to be driven by the accessory belt drive system putting a lot of stress on the belt and the other components.   Gates therefore offers a broad range of high performance accessory belt drive components including multi-ribbed belts, tensioners, idlers, torsional vibration dampers, Stretch Fit belts, installation tools and all necessary expertise to guarantee a successful replacement.
What makes Gates Micro-V® XF multi-ribbed belts so durable and long lasting? All Gates multi-ribbed belts incorporate EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), a high-quality material which shows excellent resistance to wear, oil and high/low temperatures. Gates is the only manufacturer who exclusively uses EPDM for the entire multi-ribbed belt range.  With a range of 563 multi-ribbed belts, around 22,000 applications are covered which equates to more than 98% of the European car park. The range is carefully selected to cover almost all of the 1,575 OE lengths currently in the market. At the same time stock investments are kept low by not over-expanding the range.    
As the world’s second largest OE manufacturer of automatic tensioners, Gates has the necessary expertise to offer the aftermarket a broad range of precise fit tensioners under the trade name DriveAlign®.  In fact, Gates engineers analyse the failure modes of OE designs and make any necessary adjustments to match the performance of the original tensioner or even outperform it. For a complete overhaul Gates also offers Micro-V® XF kits containing both application specific belt(s) and metal components. 
At Automechanika Gates also presents a new addition to its range of accessory belt drive components: a line of 47 DriveAlign® torsional vibration dampers. Torsional vibration dampers need to be replaced in due time to avoid costly engine damage. Gates, being a complete systems supplier, now also offers this vital element to the independent aftermarket.
Earlier this year Gates launched a Stretch Fit belt range to service the ever increasing number of vehicle models that are no longer equipped with a tensioning device. These accessory belt drive systems require a special type of belt, a Stretch Fit belt, which maintains sufficient tension for efficient power transmission over a long period of time and yet allows easy installation.
In addition, Gates offers mechanics a wide range of professional tools for belt installation, tensioning, alignment and maintenance. 
Through a combined offer of diversified products of OE equivalence, user-friendly tooling and technical support, Gates offers all necessary elements for a successful overhaul of the complete accessory belt drive system.