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For Immediate Release September 15, 2008

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates launches universal and re-usable Stretch Fit™ installation tools

After the recent introduction of a Stretch Fit belt programme, Gates now introduces mounting tools for a perfect installation of this special belt type. At the moment Gates has two universal tools available that are designed to be re-usable and with which more than 80% of the current Stretch Fit applications can be covered.
The installation of a Stretch Fit belt, just like any other elastic belt, needs to be done with an appropriate mounting tool. Most of the OEM’s tools for elastic belts appear to be designed for use on one engine type only and are reported to be difficult to handle. Furthermore, most of these tools last only for one installation and are in fact disposable tools. In order to offer mechanics a more user-friendly and economical solution, Gates has developed two re-usable universal tools offering the installer everything he needs to guarantee a perfect installation. 
With these tools, more than 80% of the current Stretch Fit™ applications can be covered. With this unique product, Gates offers mechanics a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable variants currently in the market. Because they are universal tools, they are sold separately. The tools are packed in a sturdy impact-resistant plastic case and contain, next to the tool, three bolts to stabilise the tool against the pulley. Only one bolt – or sometimes none - is needed for installation. However, Gates has foreseen three bolts of different lengths because of the variety of pulley designs. Which bolt to use for which application, is clearly mentioned in Gates’ installation instruction which comes with every Stretch Fit belt.