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For Immediate Release October 10, 2007

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates launches the Predator® V-Belt, for the most aggressive applications and environments

Gates launches the Predator® V-Belt, for the most aggressive applications and environments
Gates Predator®, a very robust V-belt with high load capability, is specially designed for use on problem drives that need to perform well in harsh environments and on demanding applications. Predator® belts are ideal for use on crushers, debarkers, hogs, grinders, wood hogs, pallet grinders, shredders, tub grinders and car shredders.
Through the use of aramid tensile cords this V-belt has a very high shock load resistance and virtually zero stretch. This means less frequent retensioning and increased productivity. A specially treated double fabric cover provides abrasion resistance which is unique to Gates Predator® V-belts and makes them withstand debris, punctures, slippage and shearing forces. The outer surface of the double fabric cover is manufactured in a bareback (non rubber impregnated) construction. This enables the belt to slip gracefully under heavy shock and impulse loads without generating excessive heat.
The Predator is available in both PowerBand® belts and Singles. The Predator® PowerBand® belt replaces several belts with the strength of a single belt. It features a multiple layer tie band that provides excellent lateral rigidity to prevent belts from turning over or from coming off the drive. Single belts are specially designed for applications where Powerband® belts are not an option, e.g. where debris needs to pass through the space between individual belts without damaging the belt section. PowerBand belts are available in SPBP, SPCP, 9JP, 15JP and 8VP sections. Single belts are available on demand in AP, BP, CP, SPBP and SPCP sections.