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For Immediate Release March 14, 2008

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates presents Unicoil™ Merchandiser

Gates presents Unicoil Merchandiser
Gates has developed for its customers an attractive display frame with a diversified selection of Unicoil products. Unicoil is Gates latest professional solution to bend straight hoses into any shape.
Gates recently introduced a new product in its comprehensive range for cooling and fuel systems. The Unicoil is an ideal solution when a hose in the automotive system needs to be bent a certain way or angle. It simply consists of a coil welded to a metal spine which prevents the hoses from collapsing or kinking. By positioning the Unicoil on the straight hose and by using hand pressure to bend the spine, any rubber hose can be shaped into the required angle in seconds.
Because of the enormous success of this problem solver Gates has designed a multilingual counter-top display to facilitate selling for its customers even more. The merchandiser contains all sizes currently available and when ordered it comes with 40 Unicoil products shrink wrapped per three. Except for the biggest size, which are packed per two.
Unicoil can not only be used in a host of automotive applications where hoses are essential but the application range and the potential for this product are unlimited.