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For Immediate Release July 13, 2007

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Buran Best snowmobiles reach North Pole thanks to Gates’ Xtreme® belt

In May 2007 a Pan-Arctic Ice Camp Expedition reached the North Pole on Buran snowmobiles equipped with Gates Xtreme® belts. Gates, manufacturer of high-performance belts, reports on this special expedition requiring equipment that withstands the toughest conditions.
From April 08 until May 02 a team of two scientists and one technician undertook an expedition to the North Pole as part of a larger Pan-Artic Ice Camp Expedition. This expedition was sponsored by the Department of Oceanography from the Russian Academy of Science and was aimed at carrying out physical, chemical and biological measurements of the Transarctic sea ice out-flow.
As weather conditions in this area are very severe it goes without saying that the expedition was dependent on good logistics and transportation means to be able to conduct large-scale observations. The team used three snowmobiles from the company Buran Best, located in Rybinsk city. All three vehicles were equipped with Gates Xtreme® belts, designed especially to operate under extreme conditions. The team also took three spare belts with them but never had to make use of those as the Xtreme® belts lasted the whole trip, about 190 km, and withstood temperatures of minus 67°C without any problem. The technician taking part in the expedition reported that all plastic parts of the snowmobiles were broken during the first day and that the metal rails were easily broken by slight shocks.
Gates’ Regional Sales Manager in Russia, Evgeny Bednyakov, stated: ‘We are very proud to be able to contribute to this scientific programme which is of paramount importance for climatologists, oceanographers, biologists, ecologists and scientists to better understand the natural processes that result in major climate changes. This is why Gates continues to invest in research and development. In that way we can contribute to ground breaking investigation that will have a great impact on our climate and future living conditions.’
For a full report on the results of this expedition the following website can be consulted: For more information on Gates Xtreme® belt check or contact us through