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For Immediate Release September 12, 2006

Contact: Ann Sabbe

Gates extends range of PowerGrip® Kit Plus with Water Pump

Gates has recently added quite a few new references to its range of PowerGrip® Kits Plus with Water Pump.  These additions are part of a continuous extension of Gates’ entire PowerGrip® Kit range and bring the number of PowerGrip® Kits Plus with Water Pump references up to 45.  

Since the lifetime of all drive components is more or less the same, the best solution to guarantee a perfect and safe performance is to change both belts and metal components at the same time.  Several types of Gates PowerGrip® Kits offer mechanics all the components necessary for a complete overhaul right at hand, in one kit.

Standard PowerGrip® Kits contain the timing belt(s), the idler(s), the belt tensioner units and other parts needed for a complete overhaul (bolts, springs etc), as well as installation instructions and a mileage sticker.  For those cases where replacing only the timing belt, tensioner and pulleys/idlers is not sufficient, Gates offers the PowerGrip® Kit Plus, which also contains oil seals and/or O-rings and other application-specific components (PowerGrip® Kit Plus with Oil seals and O-rings) or a water pump completed with seals and gaskets when necessary (PowerGrip® Kit Plus with Water Pump).

Gates range of standard PowerGrip® Kits now counts 377 references, and the PowerGrip® Kits Plus range consists of 32 PowerGrip® Kits Plus O-rings and Oil seals and 45 PowerGrip® Kits Plus Water Pump.  Gates new catalogues contain all application data on the entire PowerGrip® Kits (Plus) product programme.  

Note to the editor:

The water pump is a vital part of the vehicle’s cooling system.  It delivers a continuous flow of coolant through the radiator and through the engine.  The average water pump handles 1.7 million litres of coolant in about 100,000 kilometres of driving.  Many water pumps are driven by the timing belt.  If the water pump fails, coolant will leak and can contaminate the belt.  Long-term coolant contamination will eventually lead to premature timing belt failure.  Gates recommends checking the timing belt driven water pump while servicing the timing belt and other drive components.