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For Immediate Release September 17, 2004

Contact: Ann Sabbe

Increased power ratings for Gates Quad-Power II premium V-belt

Langenfeld - Gates announces that after in-depth testing the power rating values for its Quad-Power II V-belt have been upgraded with 15%, ensuring the same base life.  Quad-Power II is a powerful raw edge, narrow-section V-belt,  ideal for heavy-duty high-speed V-belt drives. 

The moulded notch construction of Quad-Power II improves flexibility, reduces bending stress and provides improved performance.  The tough tensile members resist fatigue and shock loads.  

The Quad-Power II belts have higher power ratings than classical section V-belts.  This allows the design of narrower drives through fewer belts reducing the total drive cost.  Higher power ratings also mean longer belt lifetimes on existing drives. 

The belt is available in XPZ, XPA, XPB and XPC cross-sections in ISO datum lengths from 630 mm up to 4750 mm.  The Quad-Power II range is static conductive to ISO 1813.