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For Immediate Release September 17, 2004

Contact: Ann Sabbe

Gates Poly Chain® GT2 power ratings upgraded with 40%

Gates announces increased power ratings for its polyurethane synchronous belt Poly Chain® GT2.  The complete range has also been extended with 17 new sizes, available from stock as of early 2005.  

Poly Chain® GT2 is designed for optimum performance under high torque and high dynamic load conditions as well as on high torque, low speed drives for any industrial application.  In-depth tests in the range till 500 rpm (low speed, high torque) resulted in an upgrade of the power ratings of the Poly Chain® GT2 with 40%, ensuring the same service life.  

Gates’ Poly Chain® GT2 has power densities similar to those normally associated with gear systems and can therefore be used to supplement or replace gearbox arrangements.  The belt can replace existing synchronous drives with a much more compact design and replace roller chain to eliminate virtually all maintenance and costly down time.  

Gates’ Poly Chain® GT2 belt offers numerous advantages compared to roller chain: the engine efficiency is enhanced; the drive hardly requires any maintenance as no lubrication or tensioning is required; even at high transport speeds the belt runs at a lower noise level and the belt allows substantial savings in weight and space. In addition the Poly Chain® GT2 belt is resistant against aggressive influences, such as dust, oil and chemicals and a Gates Poly Chain® GT2 drive ensures long and reliable service.