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For Immediate Release April 9, 2004

Contact: Ann Sabbe

Timing belt training Norway

Timing belt training by Gates 

Erembodegem - 22 automotive technicians representing 19 garages attended a technical seminar about belt inspection procedures and fault diagnosis last month delivered by Gates at Maskin Agentur in Trondheim.  All garages attending were Quick Partner (QP) garages.  Norway now counts 126 Quick Partner garages, a number that is growing every month.  The timing belt training evening fits in the QP approach of Sorensen Balchen to offer garages all possible support, like trainings, factory visits, tools, computers, ... 

At Maskin Agentur technicians and proprietors were invited, to hear how careless handling of belts and incorrect tensions at installation could play critical roles in engine failure, with expensive consequences for the vehicle owner.

"The age-old practice of testing the tension of a belt between the fingers is no longer acceptable. Indeed, as far as the over all performance of the engine is concerned, it could be fatal," said Stefan Sôderberg, District Sales Manager for Gates Scandinavia.  "That is why Gates has been running a series of technical trainings all over Europe, where the mechanic gets all the necessary advice and tips to ensure trouble free belt installation and maintenance."

The training at Maskin Agentur included an informative session on belt inspection procedures and fault diagnosis and a discussion about timing belt replacement schedules. It concluded with a demonstration of how the employment of a belt tension testing tool - such as the  STT-1 sonic tester from Gates - can accurately measure belt tension.

Timing belt tensions can vary as a result of differences in the type of engine, the drive layout and the engine performance required. Because it is no longer feasible to make manual assessments of the tension of the timing belt, the availability of the Gates Sonic Tension Tester, the STT-1, means that accurate tension is possible every time.

Gates' sonic tension tester STT-1 is a fully electronic measuring device designed to measure the tension of virtually any PowerGrip® or Micro-V® belt installed with a manual tensioner on a passenger car or light-duty commercial vehicle.  It analyses sound waves from the belt through the sensor.  That is the most accurate way to measure belt tension, and the principle is approved and used by car manufacturers all over the world.  Gates' STT-1 is compact and easy to use.  Updates of the database are supplied on a chip. 

If you would like to organise a training evening, or attend one, please contact your Gates distributor or sales representative.