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For Immediate Release October 24, 2013

Contact: Patricia Vauzelle

Gates further extends its thermostat range

Best known as the drive systems specialist, Gates is also one of the leading suppliers of cooling system components in Europe. With an extension of 64 thermostats in the last 18 months, Gates further establishes itself as a major supplier of original equipment (OE) quality thermostats.

Thermostats regulate coolant flow through the radiator and prevent the engine from overheating or excessive cooling. With their OE design, Gates thermostats fit perfectly, prevent leaks and keep engine temperatures within OE specifications.

A new leaflet has been released in 11 languages presenting the full Gates thermostat range including conventional wax thermostats, thermostat housings and map-controlled wax thermostats.

This last category is the latest development in the Gates thermostat range.  These highly advanced thermostats are controlled by the motor management system which regulates a heating resistor in the wax element of the thermostat. This new technology allows for a more accurate engine warm-up and a continuous adjustment of the coolant temperature to the current driving situation.

The result is lower fuel consumption, fewer emissions, less wear and extended durability from a range that produces exceedingly high car parc coverage from a small stock holding.  Less stock is required because the Gates thermostat range includes different seals and gaskets, so the same thermostat reference can be used for a whole range of vehicle types.

Next to thermostats, Gates also supplies a wide range of cooling hoses, heater hose connectors and radiator and expansion tank caps.  More information on applications and sizes is found online in Gates application catalogue: This catalogue is also accessible from mobile devices allowing access anywhere, anytime.