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For Immediate Release June 27, 2013

Contact: Patricia Vauzelle

One-stop-shop for LPG caps and adaptors

Gates, renowned supplier of original equipment and automotive replacement parts, now offers a broad LPG accessory range – adaptors and caps - to guarantee a fully reliable fuel system for passenger cars.

Each year, more and more motorists switch to cars powered with liquefied gas, LPG. Not only does it benefit the environment by producing less harmful emissions than driving a gasoline powered model, but driving an auto gas powered vehicle is safer and, most importantly, much cheaper. In Europe, LPG is distributed through a network of more than 20,000 filling stations.

The tank in an LPG car needs to be able to handle a pressurised liquid without leaking and has to be securely closed off. It is topped off with an LPG cap which protects the filler point from dirt and water, preventing them from entering the filter neck. The plastic construction of the Gates caps allows the tanks to breathe. Should the original cap be lost or broken, Gates offers an appropriate replacement from its new range which includes locking versions to protect against theft.

However, as connections are not universal and cross-border drivers need at least 3 different LPG filler adapters depending on the region in Europe they are travelling through, Gates has also added a range of various country-specific adaptors to the program. The brass construction guarantees an excellent performance in the harsh fuel environment.

More information are to be found in the new released Gates leaflet (E/70534) now available in 9 languages.