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For Immediate Release January 9, 2013


Gates expands its product range to include BLACK FLAT belts - including fasteners

Gates, a worldwide supplier for machine builders as well as car and motorcycle manufacturers, is expanding its programme to include an entirely new product line. BLACK FLAT belts are finite, extruded belts made of high strength polyurethane, which are mainly used in lifting and conveying applications.

Gates, located in the Darmstadt suburb of Pfungstadt, specializes in the development and production of polyurethane belts. The BLACK FLAT series developed here has been especially adapted to a wide variety of mechanical requirements. With combinations of different types of polyurethane and tension members, belts with a wide variety of mechanical properties can be produced. Flat belts with food approval are available specifically for use in the food industry. Upon request, the belts can also be processed further for special applications and be provided with, e.g., coatings and profiles, or can be punched.

All belts are characterized with smooth low vibration, low elongation and high strength. They are usually sold by the meter and secured in application by clamps or a FIX-FLAT, specially designed in Pfungstadt. This fastening system, available for all BLACK-FLAT types, has already been registered for patent. It effectively facilitates secure attachment of flat belts, in contrast to conventional clamp fastening plates.

With the new product range, Gates enhances its expertise in polyurethane belt and offers its customers a wider range of belts from a single source.