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For Immediate Release December 20, 2012


Leak free Gates EMB fittings.

EMB (Eifeler Maschinenbau GMBH), division of Gates Europe, is one of the largest European manufacturers of the DIN 2353 cutting ring couplings.  Continuous research in performance and quality yields an optimal performance in various applications such as agricultural equipment, construction machinery, hydraulic aggregates and systems,  and many more.  Gates EMB ensures leak free performance up to 100%, next to cost reductions and lesser downtimes.  The fittings meet all the industrial requirements and even exceed the ISO Standard in pressure.  In the agricultural sector, for example, both the usual 200 bar and the increasingly requested 400 bar resistance will be more than fulfilled by EMB products, that even allow pressure ratings up to 800 bar with a safety factor of 4.

Gates EMB offers several connecting systems.  A large range of cutting-ring technology is provided, including single-edged cutting rings, proven double-edged rings, and modern, soft-sealed cutting rings.  The EMB DS ring is the result of consequent development of the well-known EMB cutting ring and a distinction is further made between an EMB DS-Ring Stainless steel and EMB DS-Ring Steel.  Besides increased stability, the design of the DS ring reduces stress on the nut, ensuring greater effectiveness and the reduction of the cross section optimises radial stability and increases tube security.  An EMB DSW-Ring, on the other hand, was designed to comply with the hydraulic industry’s demand for installations to be made utilising “soft sealing” at all joints.  Soft seals offer improved sealing throughout the system whilst assisting to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and provide an overall cost benefit.
Next to the cutting-ring technology, Gates EMB also offers the 37° flaring adaptor (ABO) which consists of four components.  This flare fitting’s ideal design ensures the secure and tight connection of flared tubes and standardizing fitting bodies to DIN 2353/ISO.  Furthermore EMB weld nipples (SNO) are utilised in areas of hydraulic circuitry when any or all of the following conditions may be present: extreme vibration and pulsating loads; very heavy pressure surges in systems, extreme temperatures and temperature variations.
To guarantee best service and optimal leak freeness, Gates EMB offers a wide range of assembly machines.  For cutting ring assembly, a hydraulic drive machine with SPC control, the EMB OPTICAM 34, is used for final and pre assembly.  All customary kind of cutting ring assembly used throughout the market can be carried out with this machine.  Gates EMB also offers the innovative FS forming system with the patent-registered EMB forming machine FS93.

Safety of environment:
To meet the EU directive 2000/53/EG, Gates EMB offers the safe chrome (VI)-free surface protection of EMB’s hydraulic fittings: NanoProtect™.  With this technology, users in mechanical engineering and in mobile hydraulics are able to use a surface technology which is environmentally friendly and reduces recycling costs.  The innovative surface protection with its attractive silver-grey appearance is the result of intensive research & development in electroplating technology and extensive tests in laboratories and in the field.  The optimised passivation method results in a much better corrosion protection than the conventional Cr (VI)-containing passivation with its yellow surface can offer.
As a consequence, the engineer can make use of a proven programme of high-grade hydraulic fittings with an optimised cost-benefit ratio which does not necessitate changes in assembly technology.