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For Immediate Release August 28, 2012

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates extends its range of timing belt kits with water pump

Gates proudly announces its new generation Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belt called G-Force™.  Displaying superior fit, performance and durability, they are designed for today’s recreational and utility all-terrain vehicles.  They match the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) belt perfectly with double or single cog designs.  The advanced technology used in G-Force™ belts ensures they are perfectly suited for the demanding off-road conditions in a variety of motorised CVT applications including snowmobiles, scooters and quad bikes.

The new high-performance Neoprene (CR) and aramid fiber loaded rubber belt offers Original Equipment (OE) technology featuring trapezoid top-notch and rounded cog design for superior flexibility and heat dissipation.  G-Force™ belts are engineered for drop-in performance utilising aramid reinforced fiber-loaded rubber and advanced aramid tensile cords surrounded by specially formulated adhesion gum to reduce edge cord pullout and increase belt life.

Building upon 100 years of manufacturing and materials success, Gates has brought this technology to both the OEM and aftermarket CVT belt markets.  Extreme real-world testing has proven the belt to be high performing and durable, with no clutching adjustments necessary at installation. Whether trail riding, farming, or extreme riding, the G-Force™ belts live up to the challenging requirements of today’s vehicles.