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For Immediate Release August 27, 2012

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Gates launches anti-counterfeit website

Gates launches a Russian anti-counterfeit website with the aim of reinforcing its position that Gates does not accept fake products being sold under its brand name, and discouraging any attempts to sell counterfeit products through the Russian Automotive Aftermarket. In a region known for considerable counterfeiting activity, the new website provides help and support to distributors in the battle against fake products and offers legitimate contact information and training to jobbers and installers in how to recognise authentic Gates brand products from counterfeits.

The website can be found at and contains a couple of interesting features that can help prevent counterfeit in the Russian Automotive Aftermarket.  First of all, the consequences of installing counterfeit products are being explained.  It is proven that fake timing belts can damage your car, consequently dangering one’s own life.  Furthermore you can’t appeal on warranty when using fake Gates belts as warranty does not apply to counterfeit products.  By describing these and other potential dangers Gates wants to protect its customers and ensure that they recognise the serious nature of the case.

Besides warning customers to look out for abnormally low prices, the site informs customers how the real Gates products can be distinguished from a fake.  These main distinguishing signs for both packaging and content are described for various Gates products such as PowerGrip® timing belts, V-belts, and Micro-V® XF belts.

Additionally, the website wants to help expose as many counterfeit products as possible.  Buyers are therefore given the opportunity to report on suspicious products and help constitute a “black list” of points-of-sale where fake Gates products are being sold.   Legitimate distributors, on the other hand, are located on a “white list”. 

All this, next to a downloadable Russian car brochure and an informative section on packaging changes, will hopefully help strengthening people’s knowledge of the original Gates products.