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For Immediate Release February 3, 2012

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Green & clean fuel hose

Gates introduces Barricade®, a fuel injection hose that saves fuel and protects the environment. It offers a single solution to a range of fuel hose replacement problems exacerbated by the increasing diversity of fuel types.
This low permeation hose uses a 5 layer Greenshield™ barrier technology which prevents fuel from vapouring into the atmosphere when it is conveyed through the fuel system. The hose is made out of a patent-pending thermoplastic material that delivers the lowest permeation in the industry. By using this advanced material, Gates Barricade® Fuel Injection Hose is 100 times less permeable than a standard fuel hose and performs five times better than its nearest competitor.
In addition to cutting fuel permeations significantly, it can withstand even the most aggressive fuel mixtures.  Today, there are many different fuels, from diesel over biodiesel to a growing blend of petrols containing ethanol, methanol and various ethers. All of them reduce pollution but contain chemicals that can damage the rubber of general purpose fuel line hoses. Gates offers one solution, a fuel injection hose that can withstand even the most aggressive fuels.
The Safest Option
Many OE car and truck manufacturers have been using low-permeation hoses like Barricade® fuel injection hose for over 20 years. And increasing regulation in many countries says that matching low-permeation replacement hoses must be installed for these vehicles.
Install a conventional hose on a car that is originally equipped with a low-permeation hose and you risk being held liable if the hose fails prematurely. This might mean increased customer claims in your workshop if an engine fails because of lost fuel pressure or a fuel hose breakdown, caused by corrosive fuels. With Barricade® there is no risk of premature failure.
The Barricade® Fuel Injection Hose is approved for use on all fuel injection applications and is introduced with immediate coverage for all fuel systems.