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For Immediate Release February 5, 2010

Contact: Kathy Brysse

Edition 2010 of Gates Drive System Catalogue is available

Edition 2010 of Gates Drive System Catalogue is available
A new product range and extensions across many other ranges are included in the 2010 Drive Systems Application Catalogue published by Gates. This extensive reference work provides application data for passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles.
With a major extension of 93 references of PowerGrip® kits, Gates has underlined its commitment to the installation of belt kits as best practice for every workshop. In combination with the use of the appropriate installation tools - which are also indicated in the catalogue - the replacement of timing belts, idlers and tensioners all at the same time results in a perfect and safe performance of the timing belt drive system.
Another highlight of the new edition is the debut of DriveAlign® Overrunning Alternator Pulleys (OAP), which increase engine efficiency and improve the comfort of the ride by absorbing vibrations and fluctuations in the accessory drive belt system. Images including dimensions of all 76 OAPs ensure ease of identification. Other key extensions to the existing DriveAlign® range include 19 more Torsional Vibration Dampers and 7 additional Vibration Dampers.
In all, the Gates 2010 Drive Systems Application Catalogue includes over 400 new drive system products, which can also be found on