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Tube fittings

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Pipe screw-joints
Pipe Connection
Single Parts
For the completion of our Hydraulic fitting programme, we offer different parts, like Blanking Ends and Sealing Elements as well as parts for Tube arrangements.
Welding Nipple-Pipe screwjoints
Welding Nipple Coupling EMB weld nipples are utilised in areas of hydraulic circuitry when any or all of the following conditions may be present. For example: extreme vibration and pulsating loads; very heavy pressure surges in systems, extreme temperatures and temperature variations.

Where failure at joints would result in prohibitive costs. Weld nipples can be easily complemen-ted using solderless pipe screwjoints to DIN 2352/ISO 8434-1. The cutting ring is removed and the welding nipple is fitted in its place.

The Working-pressure (PB) of complete Weld-nipple-fittings is determined by the component showing the lowest pressure e.g. working pressure! (pipe, weld-nipple, fittings).
Flare Couplings
Owing to the EMB flare fitting's ideal design, which consists of four components, it ensures the secure and tight connection of flared tubes and standardized fitting bodies to DIN 2353 / ISO.
The fitting components are:
- fitting body to DIN / ISO
- flare adaptor
- support ring
- nut
Control system
Complacency and quality do not go together, WMB have a continuous flow of product enhancements placing emphasis on ease of use an quality. The quality system has been cerified to the European DIN EN ISO 9001 standards for many years, and improving upon these stndards is chalenge that we gladly accept.

In addition to tube work solutions, WMB provide total hydraulic system solutions with innovative control system and components. Pressures, temperatures and flow can all be measured at the appropriate points of the hydraulic system without having to shut down the plant or unit involved.
Assembly accessories
The EMB patented technique of pre and final assembly of cutting rings reduce assembly time and costs whilst providing superior "leak free" characteristics and reliable reproducible assembly results. The entire process of tube preparation untill the final coupling run like clock work in no time at all, thank to our investment in "state of the art" machinery.

Our SPS controlled assembly units, in paricular, provide supreme functional and cost effective performance.