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Automotive Replacement

Product Tips & Technical Information
What's important when selecting a snowmobile belt for racing?
Will your belts require any special clutch adjustment?
Why do your belts have different measurements than the replacement belt I am using?
Can I use your numbering system to apply your belt to a sled which is not listed in the Gates catalog?
Which belt construction should I use for a racing application?
I get less than 100 miles on most of my belts -- Why?
Why does my engine over-rev, with your Xtreme belt, on hard acceleration?
Why can't I get as much top speed with your belt?
Your belt sidewall angles seem to be different from the belt I have been using. Is this a problem?
Why should I buy your belt at a premium price?
How did you test your belt during the development phase?
Does Gates have a recommendation for "breaking in" snowmobile belts?
Gates has an excellent reputation for reduced belt wear which suggests that the belt is rather "hard." We have heard that this causes accelerated wear of the pulleys -- is this true?
Does Gates have a recommendation for "breaking in" snowmobile belts?
European snowmobile catalogue

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