Synchronous belt drive systems
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Gates PowerGrip® timing belt kit range ensures 97.60% coverage of the timing belt driven vehicles in Europe

Gates PowerGrip® kits

Reliable tensioners and idlers are necessary to make sure the timing belt works perfectly. If those components are not functioning properly, that will have an impact on the entire drive. And when the timing belt drive system fails on a running engine, the engine may be seriously damaged. With Gates PowerGrip® kits you can avoid that kind of trouble!

  • Timing belt(s) and all metal components necessary for a complete overhaul, combined in one package
  • Where needed O-rings, oil seals and/or water pump with the Gates PowerGrip® Kit Plus
  • OE quality, based on years of experience as an OE supplier for both belts and tensioners
  • All correct components right at hand

  • All info on synchronous belt drive systems

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