Fact 15

Gates has uninterruptedly been awarded "TecDoc Certified Data Supplier" status since the introduction of this recognition

Gates and TecDoc

All Gates belt drive system and cooling system products are included in the TecDoc catalogue. This information system provides the automotive aftermarket with updated and comprehensive data for identifying and ordering spare parts. Every quarter TecDoc evaluates all data supplied by the manufacturers according to clearly defined criteria.

The results of this evaluation are reported to the parts manufacturers to ensure a continuous improvement in data quality. TecDoc awards the quality seal "TecDoc Certified Data Supplier" to all suppliers that have fulfilled the evaluation criteria exceptionally well. TecDoc includes Gates PowerGrip® timing belts, tensioners and kits, Micro-V® XF multi-ribbed belts and kits, DriveAlign® tensioners, V-belts, curved hose, thermostats and radiator and expansion tank caps.


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