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96.7% of the mechanics who attended an eXponentia™ training session say the course helps them improve their daily work and make their garage more profitable

Gates and eXponentia™

In 2006, Gates joined the eXponentia™ alliance, because Gates recognises that the availability of technical information and know-how is of critical importance to the technicians in the independent aftermarket. Gates will support eXponentia™ in further developing its range of services that are designed to provide garage technicians with the tools and talents to stay competitive and grow.

In addition to extensive technical training the alliance offers a Technical Helpline, allowing the technician to gain time, improve customer satisfaction, acquire new skills and increase business opportunities. Furthermore, the eXponentia™ Knowledge Centre is a substantial technical information database with monthly bulletins and easy access via the website, allowing technicians to stay up to date and continually educated.

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