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case studies

Cooling system for welding robots

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PowerGrip® GT3 vs traditional V-belts


  • increase reliability of this essential process step   
  • increase durability of drive   
  • solve maintenance problems   
  • reduce loads

    Industrial dough mixer


    Poly Chain® GT2 vs chains / gearbox drives

  • reduce risk of contamination by lubricants   
  • reduce costly routine maintenance required by re-tensioning   
  • with increasing sensitivity on noise levels, reduce costs linked to expensive acoustic guards   
  • improve drive efficiency 

    Pumps and compressors : sludge pump application

    casestudy5   casestudy6

    Belts only lasting 1 month (less if recon pump fitted)

    Three solutions provided: Quad-Power® II, PowerGrip® GT2, Poly Chain® GT2

  • powerGrip® GT2 belt fitted   
  • no re-tensioning   
  • maintenance free throughout its life   
  • no wear on pulleys   
  • increase in efficiency   
  • increase in performance   
  • increase in liquid movement


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