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                  EuroGrip® flexible couplings and kits 


(Product types 9901 and 7884)

Gates has used its years of experience in under-bonnet materials to design a unique rubber sleeve developed to transmit torque to drive engine accessories and to dampen vibrations between two connected shafts: Gates EuroGrip® flexible couplings relieve the stress that would result from a rigid coupling on applications where these two shafts are subject to misalignment and axial movement.
Furthermore, they connect a decoupler pulley or a one-way clutch (accessory side end piece) and accessory. When the decoupler pulley or the one-way clutch is worn out, this reduces the life span of all drive components. As timely replacement of the pulley avoids such engine problems, flexible couplings and overrunning pulleys are often replaced together. That is why Gates now presents the flexible coupling and the necessary decoupler pulley or one-way clutch in one kit.
  • Cylindrical rubber sleeve connecting two end pieces
  • Coupling transmits torque by shear
  • Based on proven material technology for automotive synchronous belts
  • Lubricated jacket minimises coupling and end piece wear and retains tooth integrity during operation
  • Glass fibre cord provides excellent dimensional stability at high rotational speeds
  • Fibre-loaded HNBR maximises torque transmission capability, controls damping characteristics and provides excellent long-term ageing resistance
  • OE equivalent one-way clutch (K01EG1)
  • OE equivalent overrunning pulley with decoupling function (K01EG2)


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