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Extra Service EXPB PowerBand® moulded cog multiple V-belt

ES Powerband moulded cog Trucks, buses & tractors (Prod.type 8541) 

Consists of two or more moulded cog belts joined together by a high- strength tie band, thus being tougher than belts taken separately. Ensures excellent stability lacking in ordinary belt sets. The cogged PowerBand® cannot turn over or slip off the drive.

• Evenly distributed strand-to-strand distance provides better shock load absorption. 

• Moulded cogs reduce bending stress,especially on small diameter pulleys,and help dissipate heat. 

• Unique tensile cord design gives extra strength, added flexibility and shock load resistance.

• Recommended for: heavy-duty automotive drives, subject to severe and problematic vibrations.

More information on sizes and applications of Gates belts can be found in Gates heavy duty catalogue A/70385.


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