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Extra Service EXL/ESC bandless moulded cog V-belt

ES bandless moulded cog Trucks, buses & tractors (Prod. type 8701 and 8537)

This powerful and highly flexible V-belt is designed to live up to the demanding requirements of today’s heavy-duty applications. The use of state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes results in improved belt performance. Belt stability is increased and tension decay is substantially reduced.

• Special, double layer of reinforcement not only protects the belt top, but also increases belt flexibility, thus ensuring long and trouble-free performance

• Thermally active tensile cords for maintenance-free performance when the belt is properly installed and tensioned

• Fibre-loaded rubber stock puts more flexibility along the belt length, yet gives the belt greater lateral stability and improved load-carrying capacity

• Belt cogs are aramid fibre-reinforced. Aramid fibre is self-lubricating, allows the belt to run smoothly and quietly in the pulleys and keeps it from turning over or coming off the drive. Fibre-reinforced rubber also improves wear resistance and therefore reduces maintenance

• V-form is ground for precise top width, exact sidewall dimensions and proper belt fit

• Supplied as a matched set of 2 or 3 belts if required for the type

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