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MegaSys® Pressure Hose Line

Gates MegaSys® Pressure hoses bend and bend – down to half EN/SAE bend radius

In fact, Gates MegaSys® Pressure hoses bend to half the bend radius of other EN 853 1SN, EN 853 2SN, EN 856 4SP and SAE 100R4 type hoses. They’re ideal for tight applications. And their incredible flexibility means you can use less hose for each application.

MegaSysMegaSys® Pressure hose benefits

  • Reduces hose length requirements up to 47%
  • Reduces inventory requirements
  • Flexibility allows routing in small spaces
  • Tight bend radius means fewer bent tube fittings 
  • Plumbs and bends easier than conventional hoses

 MegaSys® Pressure hose features

  • A full line of hoses designed for one-half EN/SAE bend radius at full EN/SAE pressure
  • Longer life in applications where equipment movement causes sharp bends in hydraulic hose
  • Increased flexibility for easier hose installation M3K, M4K+, M5K and CM2T meet tough flex-impulse testing that flexes hose during impulse pressure testing; simulates severe equipment applications


EFG3K, EFG4K, EFG5K and EFG6K hoses

  • Each hose features a constant working pressure
  • Bend radius reduced to 80% of EN 856 4SP/4SH standards
  • Half of the EN 856 4SP bend radius for the 16G4K and 20G3K
  • Half of the EN 856 R12 bend radius for the EFG4K range
  • Development tested to 1,000,000 impulse cycles
  • High temperature resistance up to 121°C
  • Abrasion-resistant MegaTuff® cover available
  • EFGxK hose has nitrile tube for use with biodegradable hydraulic fluids


M3K, M4K+, M5K and M6K hoses

  • Each hose features a constant working pressure
  • Half of the EN 853 1SN / 2SN bend radius
  • 70% of the EN 857 1SC / 2SC bend radius
  • Development tested to 600,000 cycles 
  • Abrasion-resistant XtraTuff™ and MegaTuff® cover available on M3K and M4K+


GMV MegaVac®

  • Half of the SAE 100R4 bend radius
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Suitable for return, suction and vacuum lines

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