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Talent Development

Talent development is a priority within Gates. We know that every Gates associate has talent, and that the development of this talent is a shared responsibility between Gates and our employees. We aim not only to develop and enhance the professional skills and abilities of our associates that enable them to be successful in achieving their career goals and Gates targets, but also to focus on personal expectations and individual passions.

Talent development starts the day you join the Gates family; it begins during the orientation and onboarding period for all new associates, and it continues throughout their entire career within Gates. Every Gates employee is firmly positioned in the driving seat of his or her development, supported by our 70-20-10 learning strategy:

• 70% - Associates can take advantage of the extensive range of opportunities offered through on-the-job learning
• 20% - Learning from colleagues and managers is encouraged and supported
• 10% - Formal training activities are offered

This strategy results in a motivating, personalized multi-track development plan for each and every individual. Our associates are prepared for current and future challenges with their interests and capabilities being considered.

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