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How important can a small leak be for the environment?

One drop of oil may not be much but one drop every 10 seconds means an oil spillage of 150 litres a year. Did you know that 1 litre of oil is enough to pollute 800.000 litres of water? Estimates are that 400 million litres of oil leak from hydraulic equipment annually. That's why more and more, because of environmental reasons, 100% leak-free systems are demanded.

Why is cleaning a hose so important?

During the cutting of the hose, contamination is generated, small particles of rubber and metal can stay in the hose and pollute your system. Several reputable sources claimed that 70% to 80% of hydraulic system failures are due to contamination. By establishing a contamination control programme, costly repairs and downtime may be minimised. A contamination control programme does not have to be complicated, it can be as simple as establishing an allowable level of contamination within a hydraulic system, supplying cleaned components for the system, and monitoring levels of contamination as part of a preventive maintenance programme.

My hose assembly is damaged but is not leaking, when do I have to change it?

If the hose assembly is damaged, we advise you to replace it immediately. This is a sign of imminent failure. Don't take the risk, this can create not only a leakage but also dangerous situations.

What is the assembly lifetime on a machine?

Theoretical lifetime is dependent on the storage of products (hose / assembly), in controlled areas and optimal storage conditions. When the assembly is in use, too many variables become important and it is no longer possible to predict assembly lifetime. A simple rule is to replace an assembly in use after 5 years (5 years is the maximum assembly lifetime on a "new" machine, that has never been used. One cannot expect a hose assembly in use to have the same lifetime as a hose assembly that is not in use.)

Can I use a hydraulic hose in painting applications?

The hose's chemical compatibility with paint solvents or hose cleaning solvents is of great importance. Solvents such as acetone can harm the rubber, notably its molecular links, and the assembly will only last for a few minutes. For any application beyond the normal hydraulic usage, do not hesitate to contact Gates' technical services.

The crimping information for 8EFG5K with G couplings is not in my CrimpBook.

Only crimping information validated by normal tests (impulse and burst tests) can be found in the CrimpBooks. In fact, G couplings are not designed to be crimped on spiral hoses, such as the EFG5K hose. Therefore, crimping information is not available for this combination.


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