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Up to 10% fuel reduction with our EMD™ belt-driven start/stop technology

New dual bracket tensioner technology for belt-driven starter generators

Gates’ Electro-Mechanical Drive (EMD) System allows starter-generator systems to use an advanced belt drive for a smooth and almost completely silent vehicle start-up.   This belt-driven start & stop technology, suitable also for micro-hybrids and mild-hybrids, will help to achieve the 2020 EU car regulations targeting at 95g CO2 per km.  Gates offers high load Micro-V® belts and various tensioner concepts engineered together as Gates EMD™ technology for superior performance in a demanding stop-start environment.

Gates EMD™ belt driven technology enables following functions:
∙ Start-stop
∙ Boost mode
∙ Stall mode
∙ Brake energy recuperation

Gates has over 10 years of experience in belt-driven start & stop technology. The first production was back in 2004 with PSA. Also with General Motors and Mercedes-Benz did Gates bring the EMD technology in serial production.

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