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Periodic inspections

Conducting periodic inspections is a vital aspect of maintaining your hydraulic system. Ensure that you know how the equipment sounds, looks and feels during normal operation and always review specific precautions outlined by your equipment’s manufacturer before you start.

When to inspect

This varies by type of equipment; refer to your equipment manual for recommendations. Always follow the manufacturers’ inspection recommendations. If they are not available, a good rule of thumb is:

  • For mobile equipment: every 400- 600 hours or three months, whichever occurs first.
  • For stationary equipment: every three months.

How often

The following factors influence how often you need to inspect your hose:

  • critical nature of equipment
  • operating temperatures
  • operating pressures
  • environmental factors
  • type of usage (rugged, abusive, shock, vibration, operating time, etc.)
  • accessibility of equipment

To find out which inspection schedule is right for your or your customers’ needs and how to get the most advantages from it, contact a Gates representative. To see some common causes of hose failure, check out our Hose Troubleshooting section.


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