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Choosing the right components

Safe, long-lasting hydraulic assemblies begin by choosing the right components.

Ensure that you use the same manufacturer.

Only couplings and hoses designed to work together should be used. Mixing and matching couplings and hoses from various manufacturers can lead to premature assembly failure. European legislation (EC Directive 98/37, EN 982) forbids “mixing and matching” hose and connectors of different sources not tested and validated together.


Hoses, couplings, assembly equipment and crimping tolerances vary from one manufacturer to another and are not interchangeable. When components from different manufacturers are mixed, coupling retention can be adversely affected. This can result in unnecessary downtime and personal injury.

Gates offers a complete line of couplings, hoses and related equipment, all designed to work together as an integrated system. Our components are engineered and validated together under stringent testing to exceed European standards to provide the highest quality and long service life.


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