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Sonic Tension Meter - Sonic tension meter 508c
Proper belt installation is essential for optimum performance of V- and synchronous belt drives. Gates’ 508C sonic tension meter allows a simple and accurate tension measurement by analysing sound waves (natural frequencies) from the belt through the sensor. It processes the input signals and gives an accurate digital display of tension. This meter is compact, computerised and stores data for repetitive use measuring belt tension accurately time after time. Gates’ sonic tension meter is supplied with a handy instruction manual (E/20136).
  • Stores weight, width and span constants for up to 20 different systems.
  • New auto gain adjustment function cancels out background noise automatically.
  • Shuts off automatically after five minutes of inactivity, making it an energy-saving device.
  • Measurement range: 10 Hz to 5000 Hz.
  • Flexible sensor (cord sensor and inductive sensor available on request).
  • H 160 mm x D 26 mm x W 59 mm.

Improved features over the Sonic Tension Meter 507C:
  • 40 memory registers : doubled memory capacity over STM 507C
  • Simplification of the frequency band going from 3 to 2 ranges:
    o S: Standard: 10 – 600 Hz
    o H: High: 500 – 5.000 Hz.

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