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Single-V Belts - SUPER HC® MN

In addition to the Super HC® wrapped, narrow section V-belt, Gates markets the Super HC® Moulded Notch V-belt construction. Super HC® MN V-belts put more power where high speeds, high speed ratios or small pulley diameters are required, thus offering significant advantages over classical section V-belts. Developed through specialised research, Super HC® MN is highly recommended for use on all industrial heavy-duty, narrow section V-belt drives. The Super HC® MN increased transmission efficiency allows more compact and highly economical drive design. Super HC‚ MN belts are available up to 4750 mm ISO datum lengths.

Durable yellow marking indicating type and dimensions.
  • Raw edge construction, ground. 
  • Narrow cross-section. 
  • Moulded notches reduce and evenly distribute thermal and bending stresses. The moulded notch pattern also reduces noise. 
  • Precision-ground straight sidewalls give a uniform wedging action and ensure the belt fits correctly in the pulley grooves. 
  • Allows use of back idlers. 
  • “Flex-bonded” tensile cords are vulcanised as one solid unit making the belt highly resistant to tensile and flexing forces, fatigue and shock loads. 
  • Elastomeric compound protects the belt against heat, ozone and sunlight. 
  • Even with severe slippage, the belt will not catch fire from heat buildup. 
  • Static conductive (ISO 1813)
  • Excellent performance/cost ratio. 
  • More power in the same space or same power in 1/3 to 1/2 less space as compared to classical section V-belts. 
  • Cost and space savings by reducing size of pulleys, bearings, guards and mounts. 
  • Improved belt life reducing expensive maintenance time. 
  • Match system: all sizes meet Gates UNISET tolerances.

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