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Car manufacturers – of even the top brands – call in the experts when it’s time to design a new multi-ribbed belt. As a trusted Original Equipment (OE) development partner for the automotive industry worldwide, Gates multi-ribbed belts are OE on many of the world’s finest car brands. This puts us in pole position to provide the aftermarket with OE technology, like the new generation Micro-V® multi-ribbed belts.

OE technology in compound, cords & ribs
OE manufacturers are constantly evaluating belt performance and making updates to improve belt (drive) design. Gates Micro-V® belts match the latest OE construction features.

Patterned back
Gates OE belts increasingly feature a pattern on the reverse side. The Gates Micro-V® aftermarket range follows the OE lead.

High-tech materials
All Gates Micro-V® belts are made from fibre-reinforced EPDM. These belts are hard-wearing, crack-resistant and reliable, even where temperatures are extreme. Advanced tensile cord materials provide the necessary strength and durability.

A full range
The Micro-V® range includes 4 different belt types – Micro-V®, Stretch Fit®, Stop&Start and Unique Fit – to ensure it provides the optimum solution for each specific application:

MICRO-V®: The all-rounder
Designed for a direct replacement on 90% of the European car parc

MICRO-V® STRETCH FIT®: The elastic belt
Designed for cars equipped with stretch-type belts without tensioner

MICRO-V® STOP&START: The stop-start belt
Designed for cars equipped with a belt-driven stop-start system

MICRO-V® UNIQUE FIT: The belt for sensitive belt drives
Designed to be the best belt option for specific cars associated with sensitive belt drives

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