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               Barricade® low permeation fuel injection hose


Barricade® fuel injection hose is a low-permeation, multi-fuel compatible hose that virtually eliminates fuel vapour loss thanks to our 5-layer GreenShield™ barrier technology used in its manufacture. This saves you money and makes it one of the most environmentally responsible fuel line hoses in the industry. So it helps you, your customers and the environment.


  • Fuel savings from Barricade®’s incredibly low permeation rate – the lowest on the market at 1 g/m2/day
  • Easily complies with CARB and other environmental standards. It exceeds the requirements of SAE J30R14T2*
  • Aramid reinforcement spiral braid for superior burst strength
  • Works with multiple fuels: approved for use with leaded and unleaded petrol, diesel, biodiesel up to B-100, E-10, E-15, E-85, 100% methanol, ethanol and gasohol fuels
  • Best-in-class working pressure of 1.55 MPa (15.5 kg/cm²) and a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C continuous, up to 150°C intermittent
* Except for kink resistance

Construction features

  • 1. Barrier tube: Designed to resist high heat, oils and aggressive fuels like ethanol.
  • 2. GreenShieldTM barrier: Patent-pending thermoplastic material that delivers the lowest permeation in the industry.
  • 3. Adhesion layer: Serves as a second defense against oil and aggressive fuels if the tube and/or thermoplastic barrier become compromised.
  • 4. Reinforcement: Spiral textile reinforcement gives resistance against internal pressures and offers best-in-class working MPa.
  • 5. Cover: Fuel and oil resistant, with outstanding ozone and heat resistance, this layer covers and protects the underlying components.

! Do not use Barricade® fuel injection hose for in-tank or LPG applications. For fuel line hoses that will be submersed in petrol, use Gates submersible fuel line hose.


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