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                     Re-usable Stretch Fit® installation tools

Stretch Fit® Tool SFT 003
Stretch Fit® Tool SFT 004
Stretch Fit® Tool SFT 005
Stretch Fit® Tool SFT 006
Stretch Fit® Tool SFT 007



A Micro-V® Horizon™ Stretch Fit® belt, like any other elastic belt, needs to be installed using the appropriate mounting tool. Therefore Gates has developed re-usable universal tools offering the installer everything he needs to guarantee a perfect installation of Gates Micro-V® Horizon™ Stretch Fit® belts. 

Thanks to these universal tools, a wide range of the current Micro-V® Horizon™ Stretch Fit® applications is covered. The tools are packed in a sturdy, impactresistant plastic case and contain, next to the universal tool, three bolts to stabilise the tool against the pulley.

Due to the variety of pulley forms, these bolts are of different lengths. In order to offer our customers an even more complete service, Gates has also developed engine-specific Stretch Fit® installation tools, covering specific car makes and engines. These engine-specific tools are also supplied in an impact-resistant plastic box.

So why would you invest in disposable tools when you can rely on Gates’ durable, cost-saving and environmentally-friendly solutions? As the Gates Stretch Fit® installation tools are re-usable, Micro-V® Horizon™ Stretch Fit® belts and tools are sold separately.

Download the Stretch Fit® installation instruction video.


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