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Engine-specific timing tools

Alfa Romeo GAT4850, GAT4910
Audi GAT4450, GAT4454, GAT4455, GAT4635, GAT4740, GAT4840, GAT4848, GAT4940
Chevrolet (Daewoo) GATV501A, GAT4940
Citroën/Peugeot GAT4388A, GAT4735A, GAT4850, GAT4820, GAT4822, GAT4825, GAT4865, GAT4935, GAT4965
Fiat GAT4510A, GAT4520A, GAT4820, GAT4850, GAT4865, GAT4950, GAT4386
Ford GAT4404C, GAT4735A, GAT4830, GAT4833, GAT4834, GAT4840, GAT4930, GAT4950
Honda GAT4656, GAT4406A
Hyundai GAT4657
Iveco GAT4865
Jaguar GAT4965
Lancia GAT4510A, GAT4520A, GAT4820, GAT4825, GAT4850
Landrover GAT4965, GAT4386, GAT4600
LDV (Leyland Daf Vans) GAT4822GAT4945A
Mazda GAT4404C, GAT4735A, GAT4830
Mercedes GAT4843
MG GAT4386, GAT4406A, GAT4600
Mini GAT5044
Mitsubishi GAT4657
Nissan GAT4760B, GAT4960, GAT4964
Opel/Vauxhall GAT4620, GAT4760B, GAT4865, GAT4995, GAT5040,GATV501A
Renault GAT4390, GAT4760B, GAT4580, GAT4860, GAT4865, GAT4960, GAT4964
Rover GAT4656, GAT4386, GAT4600, GAT4406A
Saab GAT4620
Seat GAT4635, GAT4740, GAT4840
Skoda GAT4450, GAT4454, GAT4455, GAT4635, GAT4740, GAT4840, GAT4848
Volkswagen GAT4450, GAT4454,GAT4455, GAT4635, GAT4740, GAT4840, GAT4848, GAT4940, GAT5038
Volvo GAT4404C, GAT4735A, GAT4657, GAT5039, GAT4387

Associated tools

GAT3398: Flywheel Holding tool (crank pulley removal)
GAT4358: Flywheel Holding tool (crank pulley removal)
GAT4359: Flywheel Holding tool (crank pulley removal)
GAT4377: Diesel pump sprocket remover
GAT4398G: Injection Pump Timing Tool Kit
GAT4519_GAT3054: tDc positioning tool & Dial test Indicator
GAT4523: Flywheel Holding tool (crank pulley removal)
GAT4528: Flywheel Holding tool (crank pulley removal)
GAT4576: crank pulley Flange repositioning tool
GAT4623: camshaft sprocket locking tool
GAT4629: crankshaft pulley remover/Installer set
GAT4736: crankshaft pulley Holding tool
GAT4741: Front end support guide set
GAT4902: camshaft setting plate set (e-H)
GAT4903: camshaft setting plate set (J-m
GAT4923: camshaft sprocket locking tool
GAT4924: timing Belt pulley wrench
GAT4936: Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool Set

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