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Customized polyurethane belt products

Gates’ standard Synchro-Power® product range covers a multitude of applications.
If your process requires a belt design that meets very specific application needs,
Gates also offers you a variety of customized polyurethane belt products. These
polyurethane belt products, tailor-made to fulfil your most challenging requirements,
meet the same quality levels as their standard counterparts. This makes them the
perfect supplement to the Gates’ standard Synchro-Power® product offering.


Linear belts provide the greatest degree of flexibility for synchronous conveying and
linear positioning applications. They come in a vast variety of cord types, PU resins
and coatings. This variety of material combinations ensures a wide range of possible
configurations for your application. A special category is the self tracking belt. It has
all the capabilities of a regular polyurethane belt but utilizes guides to eliminate any
lateral movement. Linear belts can be supplied in open-end rolls or welded endless.
Endless welded belts of virtually any length can be produced utilizing a thermal
welding process which joins together the ends of the belts. Authorized fabricators
throughout the whole of Europe have been appointed to stock and weld Gates
polyurethane belts on customer demand. They deliver endless welded belts with the
specifications required by the customer within a short delivery time.


Gates produces polyurethane belts in widths up to 450 mm. These belts are
specifically designed for synchronous conveying applications. Wide belts are
primarily used as process conveyor belts. Process or conversion steps usually
occur on the belt.


Flex belts are extruded to custom lengths ranging from approximately 1.5 to 24 m.
They are made of high quality thermoplastic polyurethane and have helically wound
cords that ensure high strength and truly endless power transmission capabilities.

Specific characteristics

Additionally, Gates offers a wide range of belt modifications and a full range of
secondary fabrication possibilities: all linear, wide and flex belts can come with special
backings, profiles and machining on request. Equipment designers and system
integrators rely on Gates’ ability to solve the most challenging design issues.


Most belt types can be modified by adding a backing to achieve a desired
coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance or cushion. Over 20 different backings are
available to solve your toughest application requirements, from polyurethane over
rubber to foam, PVC and ‘specialty’ backings.


Linear, wide and flex belts can be customized with welded-on profiles to meet
your application’s specific holding, pushing, lifting, or actuating requirements.
These profiles are made in polyurethane and become an integral part of the belt
through thermal bonding. They can be molded into almost any shape making
profiled belts ideal for your assembly, packaging, inserting and other automation
equipment requirements. Over 2000 profile designs are available from Gates’
extensive mould inventory.


Gates offers you the combination of primary tooling and secondary machining
to achieve any design potential. Whether grinding edges and surfaces to tight
tolerances, punching and machining holes and slots or CNC machining of three
dimensional contours, Gates can provide a complete and precise solution.

More information also available via the Gates Mectrol website.

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