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Gates Global hoses and couplings


FP_Icon_600K FP_icon_1000K 

Performance above and beyond any global standard

- Gates Global wire-braid hose and MegaCrimp® coupling assemblies are developed to withstand impulse testing to 600,000 cycles. 
- Gates Global spiral hose and GS coupling assemblies go to a million cycles.

 FP_icon_leakfree FP_icon_noskive


Cleaner, leak-free assemblies, longer

Gates MegaCrimp® couplings are no-skive, which means that your assemblies are not exposed to the risk of contamination that comes with their skived counterparts. No-skive assemblies also resist moisture better than skived. And since MegaCrimp®’s advanced tooth profile bites-the-wire without relying on compression of the hose's outer rubber, you get the most secure, leak-free assembly that money can buy.


The perfect cylindrical crimp

The revolutionary patented C-insert not only ensures that an optimum cylindrical crimping force is applied, it increases assembly lifetime which gives you better flow and improved pressure and temperature resistance. 

 FP_icon_minbendradius FP_icon_flexible

More compact assemblies, easier routing

Gates Global hoses
- are designed to deliver superior performance at incredibly tight bend radii
- are manufactured to require minimal bending force

The ideal choice for tight, tortuous applications 


The best fit. By design

- Gates Global hoses & couplings are designed together, each with the other in mind.
- That’s why you can fit the coupling onto the hose without tooling
- That’s because Gates are the masters of the hose-coupling interface 


Corrosion resistant – up to 4X the ISO standard!

All Gates Global couplings come equipped with Gates TuffCoat™ plating. Under ISO 9227 test conditions, TuffCoat™ was found to resist corrosion 4X longer than the standard (400 hours vs. 96). That’s because the distinctive coating reduces the effects of rust degradation, which leads to premature coupling failure and contamination of the hydraulic system. 


A simplified, logical and versatile range 

- The Gates Global range is designed so that one ferrule fits the entire range per construction 
- Gates Global products carry logical part numbers for easy identification

countermat table small

 FP_icon_abrasionresistant_25 FP_icon_abrasionresistant_300


The toughest choice – Inside and out

Inside and out, Gates Global hoses are the best choice for the harshest fluids and most abrasive environments. On the inside, the full nitrile inner tube resists even the most aggressive oils. On the outside, the tough standard hose covers offer unparalleled abrasion resistance. This can even be further enhanced with either XtraTuff™ or MegaTuff® covers which provide respectively 25X and 300X greater abrasion resistance.


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