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Abrasion resistant hose covers

               Abrasion resistant hose covers

And hose covers that take the abuse …

MegaTuff® survives the harshest applications

Cover abrasion is the first cause of premature failure of standard hydraulic hose in rugged environments such as mining, injection moulding, rock quarries or construction. Gates MegaTuff® is the long-lasting solution to the problem of abrasion.  Thanks to the cover, made of a special hybrid compound, MegaTuff® hose is exceptionally resistant to abrasion, but also to oil, ozone, UV rays, chemicals and weathering. It eliminates the need for costly hose protection such as spring guards or nylon sleeving, thus reducing the total material cost.

Built mega-toughThe innovative manufacturing process guarantees superior adhesion of the MegaTuff® cover to the hose. The hose will not peel off, remains flexible and guarantees minimum bend radius performance.  The combination of the MegaSys® Pressure hoses with the MegaTuff® cover offers superior impulse performance and good flexibility on all sizes.

MegaTuff® stands up to extended useDuring stringent abrasion tests (ISO 6945) MegaTuff® hose exceeded one million cycles with no failure. That is more than three hundred times longer than standard rubber hose. MegaTuff® outperforms any other abrasion resistant hose on the market today.

MegaTuff® cycles to failure - ISO 6945 test results











MegaTuff® stands up to severe abrasion conditions• Remains unharmed when in contact with sharp edges, debris or extraneous objects
• Ideal for bundled hose applications
• Resists wear when dragged along metal or rough surfaces
• Eliminates need for spring guards or other hose protection
• Resists cracking from UV rays

MegaTuff® stands for superior resistance to:• Abrasion (300x of standard hose)
• Ozone
• Weather and UV
• In-oil application

XtraTuff™: the best alternative when you need an extremely flexible, highly abrasion resistant hose

The Gates XtraTuff™ cover offers 25 times the abrasion resistance of standard cover hydraulic hose as per ISO 6945 standard, while fully maintaining the MegaSys® Pressure flexibility. It guarantees excellent performance in hose-to-hose and hose-to-metal applications. Resistant to oil, ozone and UV-rays. 











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