Micro-V® Horizon™ Stretch Fit® multi-ribbed belts

Stretch Fit® multi-ribbed belts (Product type 8653)

Car manufacturers are bringing vehicle models into the market that are not equipped with a tensioning device. For these special accessory belt drive systems, Gates offers the ideal response with its Micro-V® Horizon™ Stretch Fit® belt programme. Gates Micro-V® Horizon™ Stretch Fit® multi-ribbed belts are pre-tensioned over the pulleys, thus maintaining tension that is capable of efficient power transmission over a long period of time, yet low enough to allow for easy installation and to prevent component failure.

Micro-V® Horizon™ Stretch Fit® belts, like any other elastic belt, need to be installed using the appropriate mounting tool. Gates has also developed re-usable Stretch Fit® installation tools offering the mechanic everything he needs to guarantee a perfect fitting procedure. In order to offer an even more complete service, Gates designed a specific installation instruction for each of its Micro-V® Horizon™ Stretch Fit® belts. These instructions are printed on the inside of the belt sleeve and contain a reference to the appropriate Stretch Fit® installation tool.

Download the Stretch Fit® installation instruction video.