Gates online
a free service:
  • accessible for all Gates distributors    
  • distributor does not pay for it    
  • no need for additional software only an internet connection 

    a translated service:    
  • available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Czech and Hungarian (Rumanian to come soon)

    a personalised service:    
  • all your standard and special products and net prices    
  • you can choose when you want to enter your order

    a complete service:    
  • you can follow your order at any time    
  • you can download an updated Gates price list at any time    
  • you are informed about novelties (promotions,...)
  • screendump gatesonline



  • with a tailored product catalogue and price list    
  • with on-line info and product availability    
  • with an on-line order status at any time

  • cost savings (phone, fax...)    
  • order accuracy    
  • no double entry: order entry via XML or Excel files or automatic download into and