Long Length & LiftPower™

Next to endless belts, Gates offers a comprehensive range of open-end
belts which can be easily cut off to the required length. Long Length
open-end synchronous belts are especially suited for linear movements
(automated doors, warehouse conveyors and elevators), accurate
positioning (machine tools, x-y co-ordinate machines) and reversal
drives (computers, printers and office equipment). LiftPower™ openend
flat belts have been designed for optimum performance on lifting
and handling applications to move platforms and/or weights. They are
an ideal alternative to hydraulic cylinders in scissors-type lifting tables
and to chains and steel cables in vertical transport of motor vehicles in
high rise stores. LiftPower™ belts run on flat pulleys.

Three part number on the back of the belt indicating product designation, pitch
code and belt width.


Long Length
PowerGrip® GT 3MR, 5MR and 8MR pitches
PowerGrip® HTD® 3M, 5M, 8M and 14M pitches
PowerGrip® XL, L and H pitches
• Fibreglass or steel tensile cords.
• Rubber teeth and backing.
• Nylon facing.

Poly Chain® 8MGT and 14MGT pitches
• Aramid tensile cord.
• Polyurethane teeth and backing.
• Fabric reinforced teeth.

• Steel cords or high performance steel cords guarantee very low elongation and
increased flexibility compared to steel cables.
• Unique elastomeric compound.
• Fabric on the back of the belt ensures less friction and high wear resistance.


Long Length
• High positioning accuracy, making the belt ideally suited for applications with
repetitive movements.
• Length stability due to the use of high modulus tensile members.
• Easy to attach with clamping fixtures.
• Maintenance-free: no re-tensioning required, no lubrication needed.

• Smooth-running and higher speeds compared to chains and steel cables.
• Simple installation with clamping plates.
• Reduced noise level.
• Maintenance-free: no re-tensioning required, no lubrication needed.