Heater hose connectors

Heaterhoseconnectors(Product type 7315)
Gates heater hose connectors are recommended for small diameter heater and radiator hoses to provide a better seal between hoses with either the same or different inside diameters. Using straight, reducer, elbow and “T” connectors, almost any hose configuration can be constructed.
They can be used on both light-duty and heavy-duty applications.

  • Made of 100% glass-reinforced nylon
  • Resistant to coolant additives, petrol, diesel, oil and LPG
  • Anti-rotation device prevents the hose from twisting off the fitting
  • Single-barb design ensures a leak-proof seal
  • Superior resistance to extreme temperatures from -65°C to +250°C
  • Maximum working pressure up to 2 MPa (20 kg/cm²)

    Outside diameter up to 19 mm: 5 pieces in a plastic bag.
    Outside diameter of 25 mm: 2 pieces in a plastic bag.