Why preventive maintenance?

The reasons to have a preventive maintenance programme (PMP) are endless. Costly repairs, production downtime and worker injury are but a few of the costly and potentially dangerous consequences that can be avoided of not having a good PMP.

This is especially important with hydraulic products given that their high working pressures and temperatures can cause serious injury as well as costly spills. Consider some of the benefits of having a strong PMP for your hydraulic systems.

The importance of safety in hydraulic systems is a fact well recognised by the European Union which has already enacted strong directives and legislation regulating the manufacture of hydraulic hose assemblies and the matching of their components.

Ideally, a good PMP should allow you to identify component weaknesses before failure. In fact, some people believe that PM stands for "predictive maintenance" rather than "preventive maintenance". But even the best maintenance programme is only as good as the quality of the components it takes care of.