Fuel Hose - 4219BG Barricade™ GreenShield™
RECOMMENDED FOR Low permeation engine application equipped with a conventional carburettor, including cars, ATV’s, trucks, tractors and lawn and garden equipment for a wide range of fuel types.
TUBE ECO based.
BARRIER Nylon liner.
REINFORCEMENT Synthetic high tensile textile.
COVER CSM (Chlorosulfinated polyethylene) based.
TEMPERATURE RANGE -40°c to +125°c continuous service.
STANDARDS California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission requirements for small off-road vehicles. U.S. EPA emission requirements 40 CFR1051.110 for recreational vehicle engines. Exceeds SAE J30R14 T1 specification.
  • Permeation rate less than 15g/m2/day at 40°c.
  • Can handle almost any type of fuel including gasohol, diesel, ethanol, methanol, sour gas, and biodiesel up to B100.